Saturday, June 27, 2015

The island town of Lindau!

The island town of Lindau, Germany.
By searching on the net, I found the Lindau, a very beautiful little town in Germany, a island town! I had never heard about Lindau, I searched and I found that Lindau is the most south-westerly town in Bavaria, and one of the region's leading tourist centres.
This town is on an island in lake Constance, and is linked with mainland by a bridge and a railway.
Lindau island.
Lindau harbour, Germany.
Stret of Lindau, Germany.
Lindau is the most popular tourist attraction in the South of Germany, is also famous for its architecture. The summer is the peak tourist period.
It's a little town but has many attractions to see, like the harbour entrance with lighthouse and Bavarian Lion sculpture, Church of St. Stephan, Church of St. Peter where became war memorial church in 1928, Maximilianstraße where is a main street through the island of Lindau with shops and restaurants, the historic Town Hall, the Casino Spielbank Lindau, you can find gardens and parks of Lindau, e.g. Lindenhofpark, the Museum 'Haus zum Cavazzen', the theatre Lindau, boat trips by Bodenseeschifffahrt, Lindau's Old Book Archive with books from the 15th to 18th century inside the historic town hall, Hoyerberg near Hoyerberg Schlössle is a scenic lookout with views of the surrounding area.

Lindau, Germany.
Lindau harbor, Germany.
The Lindau is easily reached by car, bus or boat. The best way of getting here is definitely by boat from Bregenz. As you sail into the harbour past the Bavarian Lion guarding the entrance, you will be treated to an unrivalled view of the town. It's great to wander through the narrow alleyways of the old town. The old town centre of Lindau has largely retained its medieval character.
Lindau lighthouse, Germany.
Street of Lindau, Germany.
Must visit this historical town, take a walk along the harbour, with the mountains of Switzerland as a backdrop! One more charming place on my bucket list, maybe for you too!

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