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Sestri Levante, Italy!

Sestri Levante, Italy.
Another little beautiful town with only 18,000 population. Just looks gorgeous! Sestri Levante is one of the typical villages of the Ligurian Riviera, is one of the most appreciated tourist resorts due to its extremely mild climate and its picturesque landscapes.
It is on a small peninsular that divides the gulf into two truly suggestive bays: The Bay of Silence and the Bay of Fairy Tales. Between the two bays there is the historical city centre.
Sestri Levante, Italy.
Sestri levante in Italy.
You will see lush green vegetation, blue sea, golden sandy beaches and multicolored seaside houses. Sestri Levante is unique, it is on a peninsula on the “Golfo of Tigullio”. This peninsula has on one side the beautiful and romantic “Baia del Silenzio” (Bay of Silence) and “Baia delle Favole” (Bay of Fairy Tales) on the other.

Baia del Silenzio, Sestri Levante.
Baia del Silenzio in Sestri Levante, Italy.
Baia delle Favole in Sestri Levante, Italy.
Streets of Sestri Levante, Italy.

Sestri Levante is a town and comune in Liguria, Italy. Lying on the Mediterranean Sea, it is approximately 56 kilometres (35 mi) south of Genoa and is set on a promontory. While nearby Portofino and the Cinque Terre are probably the best-known tourist destinations on the Italian Riviera, Sestri Levante is becoming quite a favorite among Italians. This once quiet fishing village is slowly turning into a tourist hotspot, developing an old and a new town.
Palazzo Fascie, Sestri Levante.
Sestri Levante, Italy.
Sestri Levante, Italy.
Silent Bay, Sestri Levante, Italy.
Sestri Levante, Italy.
In the historical center of Sestri Levante you will find many little boutiques and shops with local specialties. Hikers can walk along beautiful panoramic trails with a great view of the Ligurian Sea. It's a great summer destination and one more place on my bucket list!

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